5 Most Accurate Blood Pressure Watches to Buy

blood pressure watches

For every individual, blood pressure is one of the crucial biostatics that provides information about the inner condition of your body. No matter whether any person has been diagnosed with hypertension in your family, it is vital to keep a track of your blood pressure numbers. However, taking readings becomes more important if you’re pregnant or in case you’re aging.

Yet, the blood pressure tends to fluctuate throughout the day, so it is best to take multiple readings. Unlike the past, when there was a trend of getting your blood pressure measured by visiting the doctor through manual devices. Today, people often adopt exclusive digital devices such as Apple blood pressure watches or cuff monitors from other brands.

Nonetheless, these blood pressure watches are considered more convenient and easily portable for those who frequently travel. But, amongst a lot of manufacturers, what are some best blood pressure watches that are user-friendly and deliver accurate readings?

Worry not! In this article, you will discover the five most accurate blood pressure watches that help you measure your blood pressure, pulse rate, and oxygen level in your blood.

Table of 5 Best Smartwatches for Blood Pressure 2022

ModelBrand NameCompatible DevicesColorPriceAvailability at Amazon
Fossil Gen 6 SmartwatchFossilSmartphonePurple$189.00
Amazfit GTS 2 Smart WatchAmazfitSmartphoneUrban Grey$174.24
Popglory Smart Fitness WatchPopglorySmartphoneBlack$23.99
Garmin Vivoactive 4 SmartwatchGerminSmartphoneBlack$176.40
Smart Watch for Men WomenENOMIRIPhone14/13/12/11/x/8/7 series, SmartphoneBlack$69.99

5 Best Smart Watches for Blood Pressure 2022

As per the American Heart Association, the upper arm blood pressure monitor is considered more accurate than the wrist or cuff monitor since the monitor must be close to the heart to take accurate readings. However, there are some best blood pressure watches that give precise readings. Some of them are listed below.

1. Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatch


Weight: 0.06 lbs.

Dimensions: 1.28 x 1.28 x 1.28 inches

Display: 1.28 inch, Round

Color: Gunmetal, Purple, Rose Gold, Silver

Operating System: Android, iOS

Battery Life: 1 day

Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB


The Gen 6 smartwatch by Fossil has been introduced in a few distinct models that are all based on the same layout. It has a 1.28-inch spherical OLED screen and a 44mm circular shell. The central crown, which may also be turned to scroll the watch, is surrounded by two buttons.

The metal structure, which the manufacturer altered greatly, is where the actual magic takes place. Fossil improved the heart rate sensor module, incorporated a pulse oximeter to measure blood pressure and oxygen levels, and introduced the most recent Qualcomm processor. You now have a smartwatch that should not only function efficiently at numerous functions but also give you fresh insights into your daily health and habits thanks to the quicker charging times.

Pros and Cons


  • Provides accurate heart rate readings
  • Sleek design offers multiple variations
  • Smooth and convenient navigation
  • Precise Spo2 sensors
  • New health features help you remain active
  • Fast charging


  • Falls on an expensive side
  • Does not monitor swimming
  • Inaccurate GPS
  • Poor battery life

Availability at Amazon

Product NameCustomer ReviewsRatingPriceAvailability
Fossil Gen 6 SmartwatchEstimated 1,129 ratings 4.5/5$189.00

2. Amazfit GTS 2 Smart Watch


Weight: 0.55 lbs.

Dimensions: 4.61 x 2.24 x 4.65 inches

Display: 1.65 inch, square, 341ppi pixel density

Color: Midnight Black, Desert Gold, Urban Grey

Operating System: Amazfit OS

Battery Life: 7 days

Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi


The Amazfit GTS 2 smartwatch comes with plenty of features that not only keep you alert with numerous notifications when your phone is not around, but also measure your blood pressure, pulse rate, and oxygen level in your blood. Its outstanding all-in-one health feature is encompassed by a 2nd generation Huami-developed PPG bio-tracking optical sensor.

Moreover, this smartwatch also tracks the heart rate for the whole day. The Amazfit GTS 2 blood pressure watch has also the capacity to monitor the oxygen levels in the blood, stress, and sleep cycle, and converts this data into readings for more convenience.

Its solid 245mAh battery makes it run for seven days continuously with a one-time charge. However, if you don’t use your watch frequently, it can last for up to 20 days. If you’re wearing this watch, it would spontaneously recognize and start recording physical activity such as walking, cycling, exercising, swimming, or yoga. With the Amazfit GTS 2 smartwatch, don’t fear going underwater because of its water-resisting ability to up to 50 meters.

Pros and Cons


  • Amazing fitness tracking features
  • Convenient offline voice assistance and Vibrant display
  • Allows you to create customized watch faces and notification alerts
  • Accurately monitor’s blood pressure and sleep cycle


  • Its application is cumbersome
  • Sensitive machine
  • SpO2 sensor isn’t reliable

Availability at Amazon

Product NameCustomer ReviewsRatingPriceAvailability
Amazfit GTS 2 Smart WatchEstimated 5,743 ratings 4/5$174.24

3. Popglory Smart Fitness Watch


Weight: 0.22 lbs.

Dimensions: 10.87 x 3.5 x 0.67 inches

Display: 1.4 inches, square, touchscreen

Color: Black, Pink, Green, Rose Gold

Operating System: Android, iOS

Battery Life: 10 days

Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi


You may use the exclusive HeroBand III software on this Popglory smartwatch to record your blood pressure and blood oxygenation data. It maintains track of all your daily activities, including caloric intake, walking distance, steps you take, and walking time, whether it’s measuring your body modifications or tracking your sleep cycle.

This Popglory smartwatch is the most reasonable choice for you to find all the communication capabilities in one place if you wish to keep linked using messages and calls. The wristwatch checks all the style boxes with its full-touch screen and gorgeous backgrounds.

Pros and Cons


  • Highly user-friendly having Intuitive controls
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Shows accurate blood pressure and oxygen levels
  • Last up to 10 days


  • This watch isn’t water resistant
  • Sensitive machine
  • BP readings sometimes fluctuate

Availability at Amazon

Product NameCustomer ReviewsRatingPriceAvailability
Popglory Smart Fitness WatchEstimated 17,688 ratings 4/5$23.99

4. Garmin Vivoactive 4 Smartwatch


Weight: 0.08 lbs.

Dimensions: 1.78 x 1.78 x 0.5 inches

Display: 1.3 Inches, Round

Color: Black, Light Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Grey

Operating System: Android, iOS

Battery Life: 7 days

Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi


With its latest watch, Garmin is imitating Apple’s Vivoactive series by turning it into an individual health partner. Thanks to the inclusion of breathing monitoring and oxygen saturation for tracking blood oxygen saturation levels. You can get SpO2 values in your morning sleep record if you enable the pulse oximeter in the Garmin Connect app. 

Compared to its alternatives, the Garmin 4 is pretty affordable for what it offers. However, this blood pressure watch is unbeatable if fitness tracking is your primary concern and smartphone connectivity is secondary. Compared to Garmin’s other range of touchscreen-less smartwatches.

Pros and Cons


  • Breathing tracking and Pulse oximeter readings
  • Display workout illustrations and Onboard music storage
  • Bluetooth connections
  • Underwater optical heart rate monitoring
  • Water resistant and Pilates support


  • Music integration is cumbersome
  • ANT+ HR broadcast mode does not work
  • BP readings sometimes fluctuate

Availability at Amazon

Product NameCustomer ReviewsRatingPriceAvailability
Garmin Vivoactive 4 SmartwatchEstimated  14, 143 ratings 4.5/5 $176.40

5. AEAC Fitness Tracker Smart Watch


Weight: 0.05 lbs.

Dimensions: 5.51 x 1.46 x 0.43 inches

Display: 1.69 Inches, Square

Color: Black, Purple

Operating System: Android, iOS

Battery Life: 14 days

Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi


Last but not least, here comes the most budget-friendly blood pressure watch on the list, which also offers some spectacular features to keep you active and fit. The AEAC fitness tracker watch detects and analyzed up to 14 sports activities including running, walking, swimming, hiking, and treadmill, etc. moreover, this watch tends to provide precise logs of all day activities including your exercise and gives expert analysis to help you enhance your activities.

In addition to this, the AEAC is one of Amazon’s best seller blood pressure watches that possess a 1.69-inch vibrant display to view your daily workout results. However, you can create your personalized objectives and schedules and get notification alerts for reminders.

Besides, this amazing watch simply measures the oxygen level in your blood along with the pulse rate. If your body’s state somehow changes such as high temperature, irregular sleep cycle, or high-intensity workout, it will detect it and provide professional guidance to make you feel better and healthier.

Pros and Cons


  • Wide and vibrant display
  • Ability to monitor your pulse rate, blood pressure, and oxygen level
  • Allows you to set your own schedules and goals
  • Detects irregular body states
  • Highly affordable


  • Setting it up is a bit challenging
  • Some features may be enhanced
  • inappropriate functioning sometime

Availability at Amazon

Product NameCustomer ReviewsRatingPriceAvailability
Smart Watch for Men WomenEstimated 190 ratings 4/5$69.99

Factors to Consider While Buying the Best Blood Pressure Watches: Buying Guide

Several types of research have shown that measuring blood pressure frequently at home help people maintain their blood pressure. moreover, a study was conducted in 2010, which demonstrated that self-monitoring has led many people to lower their systolic and diastolic readings.

That is why, many people, especially those who experience hypertension prefer monitoring their blood pressure at home through the blood pressure watches. However, if you also want to purchase it, you might be confused about how to choose the most accurate blood pressure watch for precise measurements.

Well, to make a great purchase, you should consider a few aspects. Check out the guide below:

I. Cuff Size,

First of all, the size of your monitor cuff is very important when selecting any of the blood pressure watches. This is because if the size doesn’t fit appropriately, the monitor won’t be able to take accurate readings. However, the most common wrist blood pressure monitors sizes are,

Medium: 6.3 – 7.5 inches

Large: 7.1 – 8.5 inches

II. Accuracy

Then comes the accuracy of smart blood pressure watches. Analyze whether the device you pick is accurate or not. Your blood pressure monitor may give precise or nearly precise readings. But, always authenticate your home blood pressure readings by comparing them with the readings taken by your doctor.

III. User-Friendliness

Make sure that the display of the monitor is easy to read and that buttons have straightforward and intuitive. Besides, the directions of the cuff and its functions should be the easiest to use, especially if you’re a beginner using such devices.

IV. Features

Well, there are many features to consider while purchasing the best smartwatch for blood pressure and oxygen monitoring. But, pick a device that offers at least some basic features if you have a limited budget. These fundamental specifications include an irregular heartbeat detector, risk-category indicator, memory download capacity, large-digit display, multiple user memories, and data-averaging function. Yet, if budget is not your concern, then go for the one with outstandingly advanced features.

V. Price

It is recommended to pick the most reliable blood pressure watch which offers multiple features along with the most reasonable price tag. However, if budget is your main concern, then you will get a lot of affordable options with some basic features. Other than this, keep in mind to get the one that covers warranty as well.

Bottom Line

So, these were some top blood pressure watches that help you maintain your health by analyzing your blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen level in your body. Not only this, but these watches also monitor your daily activities such as walking, running, exercising, hiking, cycling, swimming, etc. All of the aforementioned blood pressure watches offer the same features along with some additional specs as well.

So, if you are still unable to decide which one to purchase, consider some factors mentioned above and identify your requirements. however, by taking your needs into account, we have recommended a few:

Top Picks

An overall best blood pressure tracking watch on the list is Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatch. You may find this product a bit extravagant, but it offers numerous features that help you stay active by keeping a track of your blood pressure.

However, if you’ve got a limited budget to purchase a wrist blood pressure tracker, then you should keep your hand on AEAC Fitness Tracker Smart Watch. This watch also delivers an outstanding result along with water resistance capability. With this product, you would find all fundamental features at a reasonable rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does a smartwatch measure blood pressure accurately?

If you use a wrist blood pressure monitor appropriately, you’re more likely to get accurate readings. Yet, according to the American Heart Association, the arm cuff monitor tends to provide more precise readings.

2. Can I use an Apple smartwatch to track my blood pressure?

Technically, an Apple watch cannot measure your blood pressure directly. It needs to be connected to a compatible blood pressure monitoring device via Bluetooth. You can find numerous FDA-approved Apple watch-compatible devices to measure your blood pressure hassle-freely.

3. Can any smartwatch check my blood pressure?

Although many advanced smartwatches come with features that monitor your blood pressure and pulse rate. But, there are a lot of other devices that do not possess these technologies. Thus, you need to do extensive research before picking a smartwatch, if you want to use it to track your blood pressure.


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