iHealth Track Smart Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor (KN-550BT) Review

ihealth track smart blood pressure monitor

Blood pressure tracking has now become way more modern than before and holds importance in the world of health. Doctors recommend checking your blood pressure at least once a day and also to ensure that you are paying maximum attention to any blood pressure symptoms that you may be feeling.

This can be done easily through the iHealth track smart upper arm blood pressure monitor. Blood pressure monitors can be expensive these days and hence we have chosen a much more reasonable monitor for you, to tackle your blood pressure worries and to keep blood pressure norms in check.

Table of Specifications

Product NameiHealth track smart upper arm blood pressure monitor
Brand NameiHealth
Power SourceBattery Powered
Dimensions3.9” x 3.9” x 1.6“ (98 mm x 98 mm x 46 mm)
Weight1 lb
Price at AmazonBuy Now

Overview of Specifications

The iHealth track smart upper arm blood pressure monitor has great specifications and is known for its lightweight yet reliable structure. It is battery-powered and has a replaceable battery which is great for an average person who uses the blood pressure monitor a lot on a daily basis.

Features of iHealth Track Smart Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor


iHealth track smart upper arm blood pressure monitor has a great user manual which really helps the average person a lot. It also has a good cuff size, from 16.5 to 18.9 inches. This size is great to fit a person and for making the functioning to be better and easier.


The iHealth track smart upper arm blood pressure monitor is highly reliable because it acknowledges the fact that it may be wrong and hence at least twice the reading should be checked, therefore it does not boast of unrealistic standards and does allow immediate second reading in case of any confusion.


The readings can be easily stored from the blood pressure monitor to the app called iHealth MyVitals. iHealth track blood pressure monitor easily secures the readings of the user or the users onto the app which makes it an easier and better choice for the user so they do not exactly have to remember the readings each time.


The comfort level is great because there is an option to take the blood pressure monitor with you wherever you go. There is a choice to ensure that everything is done wherever the person is, for example, the user may be traveling and still be able to get the readings done. The user may feel the need to check their blood pressure at work and hence would be carrying the iHealth track smart upper arm blood pressure monitor with them, therefore making it convenient to be used at all times.


It is highly convenient to be used because it simply states the numbers and hence this creates quite a valid connection between the user and the device because there are no long waits and within a short while there is a connection established. The blood pressure is also measured accurately and wherever the person is, without any worries.


The accuracy level is great and people are left feeling amazed at the efficiency of the blood pressure monitor. The iHealth track blood pressure monitor is efficient and provides great support to the people who want to check their own and their loved one’s blood pressures accurately. They want to measure blood pressures timely and accurately, and hence choose a good option. No one wants to waste their money on monitors which will not be a good investment in the longer run. 

Pros and Cons

1. The price is not very high, at $40 it is a rather reasonable option and is considered by every person who wants to spend less on a blood pressure monitor
2. The batteries can be replaced in case they are no longer working in iHealth track blood pressure monitor
3. Sharing data and tracking it is an easy task
4. Instructions are very clear and easy to follow 
5. There is enough guidance provided
1. Readings can at times be inaccurate, and product usage can be misjudged
2. There is not a separate button for everything and sometimes the same button is doing multiple tasks
3. Color visibility is not easy to detect on the monitor
4. Customer Service may not be as great of iHealth track blood pressure monitor
5. Ratings may not be as great

Final Words

iHealth track blood pressure monitor has been the star of the show since it has come out. With great specifications and a great reputation, it is winning the hearts of health-conscious people throughout the world. iHealth track blood pressure monitor has been a great discovery for people who want an affordable blood pressure machine rather than one that costs a fortune. 

It is easily navigated and is portable, which gives an edge to it in regards to comfort and convenience. Blood pressure monitors are essential in this day and age when people are becoming worried about their health, because diets these days in busy schedules cannot be maintained in a good manner. There is always a matter of concern when it comes to people’s diets and stress levels these days. 

Busy schedules make stress levels also reach an all-time high and hence during such times it is important to keep blood pressure in check, as it directly affects one’s heart functioning, kidney functioning, and a lot more. No one wants to take a risk lately because it is better to treat an issue sooner rather than later. Later it can be costly to be managed, and even dangerously concerning. Therefore, buy a blood pressure monitor now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it important for the American Heart Association to ensure blood pressure monitors are approved?

Well, yes more often than not there is an approval factor that is much more necessary and people need to ensure that they are checking whether the American Heart Association approves it or not. And if it does not, then why it does not? These are reasons to check before buying such a blood pressure monitor.

How far have people come in terms of blood pressure checking?

People have come very far when it comes to checking blood pressure. People can be seen as more aware of their health and also more aware of technology-related options. People like to go for digitally helpful products which are easier to operate and also more portable to operate. 

Should there be more pros and less cons when choosing a blood pressure monitor?

Well, that depends as at times there are many pros and cons to a device however at the same time sometimes the cons can outweigh the pros as well. But this does not really make much of a difference because it is all about a person’s requirements and if the blood pressure monitor is working well then nothing should be that much of an issue.

Is the iHealth track blood pressure monitor on Amazon?

Yes, it is. And people have been buying it as well. There is a lot of usage of the iHealth track blood pressure monitor because people are now becoming very health conscious and are enjoying the perks of digital monitors. Amazon offers different kinds of blood pressure monitors and delivers them timely.

How important are customer ratings when it comes to blood pressure monitors?

Customer ratings are very important when it comes to blood pressure monitors. Customers are the ones who view the product in a close manner however what is essential to note is that sometimes reviews are not by authentic customers and sometimes the rivals are the ones who are creating these reviews.


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