How to Lower Blood Pressure with Meditation


Many practices help keep the heart and mind calm and to lower blood pressure and meditation is one of these practices that provides many benefits to health. Many people ask a common question: “does meditation lower blood pressure?” The answer to this question is yes, as various useful meditation techniques are best for hypertension and maintaining your blood pressure norms.

Various ways are helpful to lower blood pressure, and knowing What to Drink to Lower Blood Pressure is most beneficial for heart health and reducing blood pressure levels. Meditation also helps reduce blood pressure and proves valuable, especially for people with hypertension. The article presents information about meditation for hypertension and how you can lower blood pressure with meditation. Let’s learn about what meditation is before going into further detail.

What is Meditation

Lower Blood Pressure with Meditation

Meditation is all about sitting down and emptying the mind of stressful things. This process is done to get to know your mind. A set of techniques encourages people to establish a state of awareness and focus their attention. It is also regarded as a technique that is used to change consciousness.

Types of Meditation for Hypertension

The diagram below shows all the best types of meditation that you can practice to lower blood pressure and improve the blood pressure norms.

Does Meditation Lower Blood Pressure?

Yes, you can lower blood pressure with meditation, and you get other benefits if you practice regular meditation techniques. Blood pressure is a significant issue for many people worldwide, but it can be reduced by meditation. The excess stress limit can also raise blood pressure and affect your health and meditation is the best solution to fight against this problem. 

You can reach unhealthy levels of blood pressure and your health even when you are physically fit, so meditation is the best way to lower blood pressure. According to the National Library of Medicine, various meditation techniques such as mindfulness and transcendental meditation, effectively reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings.

10 Minute Meditation to Lower Blood Pressure

Meditation is necessary when you have high blood pressure as it is a helpful technique to lower blood pressure and manage stress. It is safe for the people and does not cause any harm. Doing meditation is like adopting a healthy habit for the betterment of life. Below is the step-by-step guide to adding meditation to your daily routine. These are the helpful ways to lower blood pressure with meditation.

  1. Find a relaxing and comfortable place where you can perform meditation.
  2. It’s time to close your eyes and take a deep breath as it will help you relax your muscles.
  3. Relieve the tension by focusing on your breath.
  4. Choose a mantra (a positive word or phrase) that you would like to repeat while doing meditation. This mantra will help you to stay present at the moment. There is a popular word, “OM,” used for contemplation but no specification for the chosen term. You can use any phrase.
  5. During meditation, the mind may wander, and various thoughts will come into your mind, but you do not have to be distracted by them.
  6. It’s compulsory to continue saying the chosen word or phrase and focus on your breath. You can lower blood pressure with meditation, but there is no time limit for this meditation, as you can do it for as long as you want.

Try to maintain this routine daily, especially if you are a hypertension patient. Besides other aspects, stress is the most common factor that causes high blood pressure. Meditation helps reduce stress, which is why it is beneficial to lower blood pressure with meditation.

Rules about Meditation for Hypertension

Meditation is not simply sitting in a place and thinking about something or repeating a word. Some specific rules about meditation should be followed to get better results and meditate peacefully.

A Meditation Guide

Try to find the best meditation teacher or guide to teach you how to meditate properly. It will help if you are looking for a professional teacher who has already spent time in meditation and can guide you appropriately.

A Comfortable Place

A best-dedicated place should be found to perform daily medication. A comfortable and desired place will help you to perform meditation more effectively. Moreover, it will also help you train your mind and body to sit and meditate appropriately.

Suitable Meditation Posture

A suitable and comfortable meditation posture is necessary to mediate properly. A simple posture can be sitting on the floor with crossed legs and sitting on a comfortable chair having a backrest.

30 Minutes Duration

There is no time specification for meditation but try to meditate for almost 30 minutes for one sitting. You can initially find it difficult to sit for a longer period, but you will get used to it once you practice it daily.

Easy Meditation Technique

Although you can use any feasible meditation technique that you find more comfortable, try to use the method that is easy for you.

Make it Fun

Meditation cannot be dull but more exciting and enjoyable if you think it’s adventurous. Meditation keeps you active, so having fun with your practice is very important.


Meditation demands self-dedication, as it cannot be done properly if you do not dedicate yourself to it for an appropriate period. It can also be said that you have to be a little selfish about yourself and not pay attention to anything else.

Fight Against the Thoughts of Your Mind

You can consider meditation a battle against your mind because many thoughts come to mind when you do the meditation. So fighting against the thoughts of your mind is an important rule to doing meditation properly.

Reach Your Goal

Every person does meditation for a specific purpose. Some people do it for the sake of self-realization, and some do it to fight against their stress. Everyone has a different purpose and goal so try to meditate in a way that can help you reach your goal. Lower blood pressure with meditation is a good therapy, so this goal is also a good motivation to do the meditation according to the right pattern.

Final Words

Lower blood pressure with meditation can have significant positive impacts on your health. Although science has not proven that you can lower blood pressure with meditation, you should still rely on it to help release and lower stress that directly increases your blood pressure. Mediation is also helpful in keeping your blood pressure at a normal level.

Your healthcare provider can also ask you to add meditation to your daily routine, especially when you are a patient with high blood pressure. It is regarded as a standard care for yourself that can save you from various uncontrolled circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can meditation reduce blood pressure?

Meditation provides many benefits to health, such as it helps to reduce stress, which is the major reason for high blood pressure. In addition, it helps to sleep better.

Which meditation is best for high blood pressure?

Any meditation can be proved helpful to lower blood pressure, but mindfulness and transcendental meditation significantly reduce your systolic and diastolic blood pressure ranges.

How long should you meditate to lower blood pressure?

There is no specific time limit for meditation, but practicing it for almost 10 to 20 minutes a day can be proven beneficial. If you find this practice more relaxing and enjoyable, you can spend 30 to 60 minutes more.

How can I rest my brain to lower blood pressure?

It is necessary to do the meditation peacefully, so breathe slowly and keep saying the focused word when you exhale. Many other thoughts will come to your mind but do not worry about them and stay focused on your word or selected phrase.

How to quickly lower blood pressure in minutes of meditation?

Find a comfortable place for meditation where no one can disturb you. Close your eyes, take deep breaths and select a phrase to say while doing this practice, and let your muscles relax. 

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