The confidentiality of our readers and customers is a priority for us. We deliberately incorporate privacy into the design and management of our services since protecting the personal information of our clients is our primary concern.

Any client can use our privacy request at any moment to submit a personal data access request, irrespective of where they are physically located. Customers can then access, modify, filter, or remove any personal details they have provided to Blood Pressure Norms.

Bear in mind that Blood Pressure Norms will never disclose your personal details to a third party without your consent. We are devoted to helping clients’ privacy activities progress.

Our content is provided solely for informative purposes and is not meant to be a replacement for qualified medical guidance, analysis, or cure. Always ask your doctor or another licensed medical expert for advice if you have any concerns about a medical condition regarding blood pressure or other factors. If you believe you may be experiencing any medical crisis, visit your doctor immediately.

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Moreover, if you still have some queries regarding the privacy policy, you can directly contact us through our email: [email protected]

We Process Your Personal Data

At Blood Pressure Norms, we may process your personal data using cookies such as your name, age, gender, and contact number. However, we never acquire this personal data without your consent. In fact, the main objective of obtaining your information is to guide you regarding your health conditions and recommend the best product for you.

We may also process your data from the information you provide while making the purchase. But, we promise to never use this information with any third party.

We may obtain your data such as:

  • Personal Information

Your name, email, login details, area of the internet, and other information that is related to your health-related issues.

  • Demographics

Your age, gender, nationality, work experience, and language, other professional information.

  • Location

The location data provides us the information about where our user is searching our website, reading our content, and purchasing products.

  • Contact Details

Contact information such as your mobile number, email address, postal address, and social media profiles help us reach you.

  • Purchase and Payment Details

The records when you make a purchase and provide payment details such as card number, accountholder name, paid amount, and payment date and time.

Under our Privacy Policy application laws, such personal, professional, and public information that is relevant to our reader and purchaser is referred to as User Information.

How We Collect Your Data?

We execute the following procedures to obtain user information:

  • Directly from you. When you contact us through your email or phone number.
  • When you make a purchase and provide your personal information.
  • If you make a public post about us on social media and tag our official page.
  • When you download or save any of our services or products.
  • We may acquire information about you from third parties such as social networking sites.

Our Purpose to Obtain User Information

The primary aim to acquire user information, according to the laws and principles, include:

  • In order to provide you with our healthcare services for your everyday problems.
  • Identifying our user’s interest and engagement with our content and services.
  • To promote our services to you.
  • For communication purposes.
  • Conducting surveys, quizzes, and investigations.
  • Offering lead generation services.
  • To improve our services.

Use of Cookies

We may process user information by sending cookies or other similar technologies to our user’s channels or browsers. Our cookie policies explain when and why Blood Pressure Norms use cookies on our website, advertisements, and promotional content such as newsletters, press releases, emails, etc.

Our website uses cookies that may connect to some external sites and are not operated by us. Therefore, we advise our users to remain conscious while using these cookies because they are not controlled by us directly. Yet, if you do not want to share your information with us, you can simply refuse these cookies. But as a result of this, we may not be able to provide our best solutions to your problems.On the other hand, if you frequently visit our website, we would automatically accept the cookies from your side in order to acquire your information, interests, and things you don’t like. If you still have any misunderstanding regarding our privacy and cookies policy, don’t hesitate to contact us through email: [email protected]